A Different Type of Fairy Tale

Michelle R Morra

There are some late arrivals in the Fall TV premiere season, and many of them are very different than ones that have premiered in the past.  In the past few years the most popular genre of TV shows have been detective or cop based, but this year that has changed and these new shows are catching the attention of a lot people.

On Sunday, October 23rd, Once Upon A Time broke the mold of your typical TV series.  Instead of another criminal justice show, this series is based on fairy tales with a twist.  This fairy tale follows a young woman with a troubled past.  Jennifer Morrison plays Emma Swan, who is drawn to a very unique town in Maine and is not sure why.  This show involves a lot more elements than just a troubled woman and may be a keeper for ABC.

The show is very intricate and involved many fascists:  there is an evil queen, princes, princesses, and much more.  Just with these factors, the show kept people’s attention around every turn.  It was a fascinating ride and one that will keep people tuned in and coming back every week.

Each week they are going to put a twist into every fairy tale that we all know and love, but I think it will do them justice and keep people wanting more.  We needed a different kind of TV show and I think this one, along with some others that have pulled away from the detective theme, will start a new phenomenon.  I cannot wait for more from this show!