APO Makes Blankets for “Warm a Child”

On Thursday, the Alpha Phi Omega fraternity brought students together in the Bartels Student Dining Hall to host their event “Warm a Child” for an area homeless shelter. The Twisted Thursday event brought students together to knit blankets that will be donated to the shelter.

The fraternity is a service-based organization, but this is their first year working with the shelter.

“We’re trying to impact the community in the best light possible,” said Sean Callahan, APO vice president of fellowship. “You don’t hear about people helping the homeless so much. We’re trying to inspire others to do what we’re doing.”

On Thursday, the room was filled with students who split into smaller groups and rolled out twenty-eight yards of blue and yellow fleece.

While many of the students were new to the blanket-making process, there were more experienced members immediately stepping in to help.

“I think it’s a great way to help the community,” said Rebekah Sherer, an APO member. “We’re bringing people together, not only from the Brotherhood, but from other fraternities and sororities, some not even in Greek Life.”

APO has focused largely on engaging and helping the local communities.

“We wouldn’t be here without the community,” said Callahan, “Hopefully we can jump-start a new revolution in the campus for helping those in need.”

By the end of the event APO and the students involved made 14 blankets.