10 Ways to Make the Most Out of Your Semester!

We are going through a lot of changes on campus due to the pandemic, but now that we are back together on campus – socially distant – that does not mean that we still won’t have a great time. Here are 10 ways and/or things to do while you’re here to become an overall better student.

  1. Meet new people! This may seem a bit difficult due to the campus climate right now, but USGA and CSELO put on great events throughout the semester. This is the best way to interact with juniors and seniors, and meet so many influential people like student leaders, faculty, and staff on campus. You could potentially meet people who you could be friends with for the rest of your life by attending office and RSO events. Download Corq! This app contains all of the activities happening on campus.
    2. Attend class and engage. It’s what you’re here for and that is one of the most – if not the most – important things in your life right now. These classes will help you discover if you’re in the right major, explore different interests you might have before declaring a major and expose you to new interests.
    3. Dress up for class every now and then. Usually, the first week of classes students dress nice, and the week after it’s back to ‘chill and comfy’ clothes. When you look good, you feel good, and your energy will shine through your mask!
    4. Ask questions and don’t be afraid to ask for help. This campus community is unlike any other – we want everyone to be comfortable at the university and have a great four years here. We are here to help each other grow into the best person they can be, and that can’t be done without asking for help.
    5. Venture out with new music to help you study and get your work done. There are millions of songs you have yet to hear but we are stuck listening to our favorite songs, and that may leave us distracted. Pick an artist that you only know a few songs from and pick an album you haven’t heard before. Since these are songs you haven’t heard, you can’t lose focus on the task you need to accomplish, and along the way you can find more music to love.
    6. Worry about the present. You can’t change your last test grade but you can focus on the next. Sometimes, we can get caught up in our losses, but wins will come. Just keep your head up!
    7. Stay organized. Classes and co-curricular activities can get mixed up with everything you have got going on in your school and personal life. Invest in a planner – they are inexpensive and some are customizable. The Center for Student Success often gives out free planners, and the campus bookstore always has some available for purchase.
    8. Be accountable and set goals. Whether you want to make the dean’s list, get into the honor society, or make a commitment to go to the gym, make sure you are actually putting your mind to it. You could even make a vision board and manifest those wins. Put in that work!
    9. Read the news. You look on your phone every day to see what people are posting on Snapchat or Instagram but not on what is happening on a larger scale in the world around us. Try reading a few news articles every day to become a more informed and well-rounded student. The Charger Bulletin is the student-run newspaper for the University of New Haven. Our writers write about so many diverse topics, including on and off-campus events, mainstream media, student experiences, sports, and more! We are always looking for writers, so join us!
    10. Make time for yourself. Our well being is the most important thing, and we can get caught up in not taking care of ourselves mentally, physically, and emotionally. So, if things can get a bit overwhelming, take a step back and do something you love. Although I mentioned numerous times to socialize, we all need our alone time.