Valentine’s Day is for Suckers

Erin Ennis

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It is officially February! Wait, I take that exclamation point back. There is absolutely NOTHING exciting about February. It is freezing outside, graduation is looming precariously over my head, and classes have started to hit that slump before Spring Break. Oh yeah, and did I mention Valentine’s Day? February couldn’t be complete without the holiday I hate the most.

No, this is not the angry ranting of a jaded, single girl on Valentine’s Day. I’ve spent a couple of Feb. 12 celebrations with a lovely valentine by my side. But frankly, I think this holiday is all just a lot of hype and really annoying (oh, did I mention cheesy?) over expressions of “love.” Yep that’s right, love in big gigantic quotations. Valentine’s Day has nothing to do with actually loving someone, but with a commercialized card/candy industry and the need for men to not be “in the doghouse.”

That’s right, not all women are obsessed with Valentine’s Day. Not all members of the female species really care about sappily romantic cards, flowers, or pre-boxed packages of old chocolate candy. No really! What do any of those things actually say about your admiration for your significant other? “I love you, really, but being original is completely out of my budget.” Or, instead, “I really wanted to buy you something else, but I just didn’t have the time and I settled for Hallmark and Godiva.” Or, my favorite “This is what everyone else is getting.”

Remember elementary school, when everyone got a paper baggy and you made enough valentines for your entire class? Then you handed them out like they actually meant something? Sure, that cute boy you may have noticed for the first time without the cooties may have given you an “extra special” batman valentine…but chances are he gave Suzie, Michelle, and Jane ones too. From such a young age, we’ve been disillusioned that Valentine’s Day ever meant anything more than heartbreak, cheesiness, and a nice market for the Hallmark companies.

Oh right…and let’s not forget those people that are NOT attached at the hip to another. How about all those single people out there? I don’t mind being single on Valentine’s Day…I hate the holiday anyway.

But for those people who are completely fed-up with being love-less, Valentine’s Day is a painful reminder of how much love you are NOT getting. Nope, no candy for you. Flowers? Forget it. You obviously aren’t special enough this one freaking day of the year…cue the sob story. REALLY?! And we actually CONTINUE to celebrate this holiday!?

I am not the sour-type of person. I really do like romantic gestures. I love long walks, holding hands, and all that other stuff that makes a relationship incredibly enjoyable. I like showcasing my affection…but Valentine’s Day is not the day to do so. If you tell your significant other you love them on Valentine’s Day, all you are really doing is keeping up with the Jones and doing what everyone else wants to do. The “grand display” of your love means absolutely nothing because it’s shoved together with bright pink ugly hearts.

If you love someone, Valentine’s Day is not the day to say it. Stop worrying about “being in the doghouse” and be original! Buy your girl something completely original. Do something out of the box.

Celebrate your love the day before Valentine’s Day…or on a day that actually means something. Stop worrying about a baby with a bow and arrow and start worrying about the unique relationship you have! Valentine’s Day is just another reason why the normal people out there never look forward to the month of February. Celebrate when it matters, and let this insane holiday slowly fall to the wayside.

Editor’s note: Do you agree? Do you think Erin’s nuts? Let us know!

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Valentine’s Day is for Suckers