USGA Pulls Back on Proposed Changes

USGA Pulls Back on Proposed Changes

Last week, the concerns and criticisms of several senators of the University Student Government Association (USGA) were expressed in a debate over whether or not to add the position of vice president of programming and campus relations to the USGA’s constitution. The new vice president would be in charge of handling student relations and organizing large scale campus events.

Early Wednesday, Angelli released the next plan for the updated constitution, which would remove the position proposed in the first version. The duties assigned to the now-defunct position would be distributed to others among the student government body. She said there are plans to give standing executive board members new duties and possibly create a new committee.

USGA senators Kaitlyn Herzberg and Jordan Green both voiced their distaste with the new proposed addition to the constitution.

USGA president Nicolette Angelli responded to concerns by saying:

“In proposing a new position, our goal is not to force a new role into effect, but rather to give students the opportunity to voice their opinions,” said Angelli. “We want to know what the students need from us. Given our current campus climate, our aim is to always promote inclusivity.”

Despite the proposal aiming to “promote inclusivity,” some senators feel that this new position will “step on the toes” of several USGA committees who are already tasked with doing the things that the vice president of programming and relations would supposedly take over.

USGA will be holding a Constitution Open Forum Thursday, Oct. 12 at 7:15 pm in the BSAC conference room.