University Hosts a Service of Remembrance

The University of New Haven has suffered a loss with the passing of five beloved faculty members this year. Provost and Senior Vice President of Academic Affairs Dr. Daniel May opened the service with warm words and reminded students that the university is not only an institution of learning, but also a home.

Speakers said that is exactly what the five deceased faculty members, Bouzid Aliane, Christie Boronico, Anthony Carter, Major Glenn Colby, and Peter Macdonald, helped create during their time at the university.

President Kaplan greeted those who came to show their love by remembering the impact these five people had on the university.

“This is not only to remember them, but to celebrate that we knew them,” said Kaplan. He reminisced about  Boronico, who would have said that life is precious, and needs to be celebrated constantly.

Shortly after, Professor Martin O’Connor, the campus chaplain, opened with a touching John Henry Newman poem, about how we are tasked with a mission, and it is our duty in life to accomplish it with everything we’ve got.

“One of the noblest things we humans can do is remember,” said O’Connor. 

And that is what the campus community did. Faculty, staff, and students came to the service to remember those we have lost, and pay homage to the work they did to improve our education.

Aliane had been a member of the University since 1983, as part of the engineering department. He organized the graduate program of electrical engineering, and headed many committees in his field, including electrical and computer engineering, computer science, and computer-aided engineering computer committee.

Boronico was a key player in the university’s development of experiential education. She arrived here in 2006, and soon became associate vice president for retention initiatives in 2010. Sally Anastos gave a tearful tribute to this vibrant woman, saying Boronico was always a driving force in her field with a caring heart, and unintentional grace.

Carter was remembered by his students, who said his love for family knew no bounds and his modesty endeared him to everyone. His family was part of his life, and his sons were his number one fans. Carter came to the university’s College of Business in 2005. He coordinated a program where local children would be paired with New Haven students to encourage them in their pursuits.

Colby led the Nathan Hale Battalion of ROTC since 2008. He touched the lives of many cadets. Colby assisted the admissions team in enrolling students who were willing to work hard to obtain their goals in the military. He handled a budget of $2.75 million in scholarships and financial aid to help students succeed.

Macdonald joined the University of New Haven in 2008 as a member of the department of mathematics. He was recognized for his ability to teach different areas of math in a fun and engaging way.

The remembrance serves as a testament to the care and devotion the University of New Haven has in it’s community. The campus is filled with faculty and staff that give their all to improving the school. It truly shows through the memory of these beloved members that the university is committed to its student’s success.