The Freshman Ate My Lettuce!

The Charger Bulletin

From the construction of the new dorm to the napkin dispensers on the cafeteria tables, there have been a lot of changes to UNH this year. These changes were brought on by this year’s largest enrollment in UNH history: more than 1,100 freshmen. That means enrollment jumped 60 percent for the fall 2008 semester.

Another thing that comes along with the record-breaking enrollment is overcrowding. I have never seen this campus bustling with this many students. I feel a little overwhelmed.
The place I notice the overcrowding the most is the cafeteria. It used to take me 5-10 minutes to get my meal. It now takes me almost twice as long.

I try to eat healthy, so one day for lunch I decided to go for the salad bar. I love getting salads at lunch because I enjoy having my lettuce chopped up into smaller bits for me. The pre-chopped lettuce is just too big and I end up looking like a slob trying to fit a huge hunk of lettuce into my mouth. I get in line for the salad bar. I saw my friends get their food as I waited in line for salad. I was bored so all I had to think about was each person getting their salad made. I watched the server place chicken and vegetables into the bowl. I watched him drizzle cheese all around. I watched and listened to the chopping of the lettuce. I could not wait for my turn.

I waited over 20 minutes in that line. I thought about getting something else, but I had waited this long and was determined to get my salad.

It was finally my turn to order and of course, they ran out of the lettuce.

The pre-chopped lettuce was brought out and tossed into my bowl. WHAT? I waited almost an eternity for the pre-chopped lettuce I did not want.

I came to the conclusion that if the cafeteria had less students, I would have gotten the lettuce I so desired. The freshmen ate my lettuce. They stole my spot in line and THE FRESHMEN ATE MY LETTUCE!

I chose UNH because it was a small campus. I liked the sense of community and seeing everyone I knew on my short walk to class.

Will the growing undergraduate population maintain this neighborly feeling? I am not so sure if UNH was ready for this many students.

-Chelsea Fowler