The first festival of the spring season

On March 17, a dozen Recognized Student Organizations (RSOs) gathered to celebrate the beginning of spring and inform students about the various organizations on campus. The event took place on the Bixler/Gerber Quad where students were welcomed with music and lawn games.

For first years, this event showed students some of the RSOs on campus for them to be a part of. With music playing and students socializing in the Quad, students got a glimpse of what typical college life is like.

Alexis Clark, a freshman in the fire science major said, “This event gives you the normal college experience feel, especially for a freshman who hasn’t gotten to witness it yet.”

There were multiple crafts to complete — such as painting horseshoes, macrame and four-leaf clover kits for St. Patrick’s Day — and students were able to pick up snacks.

Each RSO provided a unique experience for students. Chi Kappa Rho set up a poster board and wrote names of influential women on it for Women’s History Month. Across the Quad, Alpha Phi Delta set up cornhole boards for students to compete with. In the center, Lambda Alpha Upsilon and Chi Upsilon Sigma decorated tables to share information about their organization.

Sadara Funches, a freshman fire science major said, “I like that the different organizations are promoting something other than themselves.”

One critique among some students was that the event occurred in the middle of a weekday. Funches and Clark agreed that they would have preferred an event on the weekend so they could stay there longer. Many students were coming from or going to class and decided to pass through, rather than stick around and see what organizations have to offer.