The Charger Battery


That new center thing in Maxcy looks really nice; at least better than the two classrooms that used to be there. Too bad we have to ship freshmen off campus for classes now. I wonder why.

Welcome Week was a great success with a wide variety of events. As always, some events are better attended than others, but for the most part there was good attendance-especially with the comedians and the hypnotist. Some guys on this campus will never watch the movie Grease again.

Dean Johnson and Lisa Saverese stepped up last week and drove students to Saw Mill Road when they couldn’t get there by shuttle. It’s nice to know that there are some people that are willing to help when students are in need.

RIP C-store.

Staff having to park off-campus? Ridiculous. We’re creating an overcrowded environment where we already have crabby, unhappy students. Add in unhappy staff and soon the learning environment around campus is going to degrade. I rarely hear anyone speaking of positives.

The Old Café situation is ridiculous. No cups, no drinks, lines almost out of Bartels. Yeah, extended hours but people are still hungry at dinnertime! Nice try but I don’t think it’s working.

We used to have activities like ballroom dancing lessons for free. Now it’s $120. Rip-off much? We have HOW much in student activity money this year? That’s what I thought.