The Charger Battery

Isaak Kifle


-The Job and Internship Fair that took place last Friday was packed! Hopefully someone walked away with an offer.
-Texas… the scenery is like a movie. People, get out of your rooms and travel more often.


-It’s that time of year… housing selection is upon us once more. For those of you selecting rooms, may the odds be ever in your favor. (Side note: Someone should bring that phrase back).
-And then there was that time I almost fell asleep during a meeting with President Kaplan…

The Battery Charge:

People very often complain about things that they don’t like on campus to the wrong people. Sure, announcing that you don’t like your professors, the food or housing situation on Facebook can be cathartic, but do you think it’ll be more effective than telling that professor or a staff member on campus responsible for food or housing? If everyone expects someone else to do something, no one will do it.

(Or write about it in The Charger Bulletin and reach more people! -Editor)