The Charger Battery

Isaak Kifle


-The campus still has a nice little blanket of snow left; enjoy it while you have the chance.

-The Military Veterans of UNH (MVUNH) organization put on a great formal ball that reminded me how much of an impact veteran students make here at UNH. There are over 200 on campus, so get to know a few.



-Censorship, enough said. Actually no, read the Battery Charge.

-I once heard that some people come into your life as blessings and others as lessons. I think there are some people that come as viruses, because I’m coughing up a storm!


The Battery Charge:

Regardless of whether you agree with an opinion published in the Bulletin, asking the editors to censor what gets published is not the answer. This newspaper exists to allow the student voice to be heard, and if you disagree with something that is published please feel free to submit a response. The ability to express even unpopular opinions is what makes our newspaper such a great thing to have on campus, so keep that in mind!  (What he said. – Editor)