The Charger Battery

Isaak Kifle



-Before you know it, Thanksgiving break will be here! Just keep those eyes on the prize.



-I hate that many people can’t separate their personal feelings from business where it doesn’t belong. This causes unnecessary division, especially within teams, clubs and organizations.

-While I have, for the most part, enjoyed having these many days off class, it starts to get confusing when some professors don’t send messages out updating schedules as to when assignments are due and when tests will be taking place.


The Battery Charge:

As a proud winter baby (technically born nine days before winter starts, but bear with me people), the sight of the first snow made my day last week! I understand that it can be an annoyance to deal with, especially when driving, but I suggest everyone take a couple of minutes the next time it snows and watch the scene from a window. The sight is a great stress-reliever!