The Charger Battery



New Hall Squared. That’s what the new building should be called. But just my opinion, though everyone on campus was able to send in their thoughts on a temporary name for the new dorm. It’s great that the students had the ability to offer their opinions and hopefully something innovative will come from it.

Well we all hoped for it and we got it–a snow day! Snow, rain, and ice plagued campus and in return we didn’t have to go to classes. Or did we? Many people experienced the true awesomeness of Tegrity; quite a few professors recorded their lectures anyways and posted it in Blackboard. For the professors that don’t use the technology, here’s a good example of how you can torture the students.

Whoa! The library has Macs! That’s a pretty nice upgrade seeing as most of the Macs were in rooms that have limited availability.


We were warned about the siren testing, but man was it annoying! Maybe even worse than the fire alarms (didn’t think there was such a thing, did you?). But at least we can take solace in knowing we have a system that could wake even the drunkest kid on a Thursday night.

Good luck with this whole “Go Green” thing. It’s almost a joke to me having been here for four years and seeing the fights my friends have had to put up just trying to get basic recycling on this campus. What about all the plastic food services uses? And how about the heat that blasts while we’re not on campus? These old buildings have absolutely no insulation, the faucets drip, roofs leak–how can we sustain without a sustainable infrastructure? I’ve visited a few campuses in the past few months and we are quite a few centuries behind on going green.