The Charger Battery



Welcome back to campus (and for some–welcome for your first time here!). With a new U.S. president, a new year, a new semester, and renewed minds it’s time for us to start again. The past is over, the future is beginning. Thus, take advantage of this semester with an air of rejuvenation and fresh thinking. It’s time to rock 2009!

Skimming through the Office of Student Activities Google Calendar and various Facebook messages, I noticed that there are some nice events coming up. It’s great to see people planning ahead to hold great events on our campus. Let’s make this spring semester jam packed with things to do so that no one ever has the right to say “I have nothing to do.”

Apparently I need a new job as a motivational speaker. Please refer to the last two comments.


I was thoroughly disgusted upon reading that Rec. Center “instructors reserve the right to refuse admittance to class to any person for any reason.” While it may not be the intent of the writer, this then means that if you’re happy, sad, black, white, gay, straight, fit, fat, blonde, brunette, sick, healthy, hairy, hairless, short, shorter, talkative, timid, bratty, humble, boy, girl, or somewhere in between, you can be kicked out of a Group X activity just because. People need to pay more attention to their meaning when they publish such documents and need to make sure their point is clear and concise, not broad and allowing for discrimination. While I understand that campus discrimination regulations protect against what this says the instructors have the right to do, it is clearly a campus publication that undermines such discriminatory laws.

At the next graduation, let’s try to avoid such “smelly” presentations. I’ll leave it at that.