The Charger Battery



Th-th-th-thaaaat’s all folks! We have exactly one more week of classes left. You’d all better get your butts in gear and finish all the procrastinated homework. You know–that ten page paper you knew about since the beginning of the year, the homework you never finished because you didn’t feel like it. You can’t fool us. We’ve been there too. Oh P.S.: they axed one of our reading days, so you might want to start studying too.

We all got a good laugh to the e-mail saying that a Forensic Herpetologist is coming to campus. You can’t send that e-mail to a bunch of us immature college kids and not think there would be very bad consequences…

Congrats on the donation of 3,952 pounds of canned goods! While we didn’t meet the goal, there were so many other charities going on at the same time that raised so much money that everyone should feel happy that poor college kids can raise that much!


Now, I laud the plays. And however clever the advertising of American Gangbang was, they definitely went overboard. First it started off with the e-mails. One after another after another. Then the ads started showing up around campus–ads that all made us blush but then chuckle a little bit inside. Then there was an e-mail from President Kaplan himself. And as if that wasn’t enough they wasted who knows how many innocent trees to stuff every mail box with fliers. We talk about going green and such and this was a horrid example of horrid waste and excessiveness. All the fliers ended up on the floor and in the trash with no recycle bin in sight. Support the arts, but please–do it a little more efficiently.

Sandella’s made a bad choice by not opening until 8:00 p.m. on Sunday, when everyone got back from break. I saw so many people try to go to Sandella’s during dinner hours after their long drive only to be turned away. That was a mean trick.