The Charger Battery

Elizabeth Field

The Positives:

Warmer weather and rain! It’s hard to get excited about rainy weather, but the storms coupled with higher temperatures removed any trace of the snowstorm we had two weekends ago. We can return to wearing normal shoes without the fear of frostbite!

Campus Recreation brings back “Get Fit Charger Challenge” for 2012!

The Negatives:

USGA meetings are at 2:00 p.m. this year. Putting the meeting time in the middle of a course time slot means representatives will have to have two-three class blocks free in their Wednesday schedule, not only a rare occurrence, but also a hassle.

The last big snowfall of 2011 was January 27. Now that we’re inching into February, does that mean no snow days?

The Battery Charge:

You can sign up for Campus Rec’s “Get Fit for 2012 Charger Challenge” now through February 1. There is a $10 dollar registration fee; however spending some money may make you more accountable for your fitness goals. Get into the spirit for some “healthy competition!”