The Charger Battery


  We’ve had pretty beautiful weather for it being November. We can only hope it stays around for a bit longer, though winter is inevitable.

  The programs over the past few weeks have been pretty awesome, along with some pretty good programs coming up soon. Between trips to Salem and Boston, hilarious comedians, awesome games like Deal or No Deal, and now a trip to see Cirque du Soleil–we have some awesome people planning fun events. So this is a thanks to everyone who’s involved on campus that helps to put on these events.  

  Some of our wonderful women in forensic science were featured on the news last week to debunk a few CSI myths about females in forensics. It’s nice to see our students get some acclaim for the work they do; congratulations, you’re almost famous!

   I love how our tuition is going to a gigantic electric bill to pay for the lights at the new dorm that they leave on overnight. And for what reason? Our campus has murmurs of “going green” and of “sustainability.” Yeah, right. Leave the lights on in the building, waste money, waste electricity, and probably hurt the environment at the same time. And the poor Bixler kids–they stopped needing a night-light once they came to college; now they have the biggest one ever right outside their window!

   Did it send? Did it not send? Who knows! One of the most important communication pieces of our school was down for several days–how can we function without e-mail? It’s sad but it’s true–we just can’t do anything without it. And man, did it royally screw up some stuff. I love how fast it was fixed too–not. I won’t even mention the ambiguity of if it was actually working or not. Oh and right before registration.