The Charger Battery


Comparatively, the SCOPE Haunted House this year was better than years prior. There were more shrieks, squeals, and screams. Between the Joker room, the darkness, and an insane asylum, the creepiness reigned. Hopefully it’ll only get better!

The Up ’til Dawn program for St.  Jude’s was very well attended. Between the people shaving their heads for breast cancer awareness and fundraising events such as the Up ’til Dawn program, people are being extremely supportive and it’s a great thing to see.

Obama got elected president!!!! Let the democracy begin and our rights be protected. (I hope…) Don’t forget I had to write this last Monday…PS: Prop 1 didn’t pass, and neither did Question One!! w00t! That one is really only wishful thinking. It’s a good day for democrats. I hope…

Pyromaniacs unite! Serial arsonists–leave us the heck alone! Not that this campus doesn’t make it easy for people to commit such crimes as serial arson, but it should not be done. Shame on the campus for not having smoke detectors where they should. The fire alarms in the dorms go off very easily for incidents that are not serious (oh no the popcorn cooked too long) but of course when things are actually on fire, no alarms go off. Also, as per my sources, the fire department wasn’t even called until a couple fires in! Apparently arson isn’t important enough for the fire department. And in the midst of all our wonderful campus safety–I have yet to see it in action. Promises of campus escorts when over the years I cannot count the amount of people who have been denied the escort service, failure to use the texting system, etc. This campus better get its act together soon before we let in another freshman class of a couple thousand.