The Charger Battery


James Hilaire, according to the update website, seems to be doing very well considering the circumstances. I’m happy for the support I’ve seen around campus and I’m pretty sure by now everyone knows his name and his face. For now, we can keep hoping that the updates get better and better.

After how many years of complaints and student witnessing of the atrociously hot conditions at Sandella’s did they finally put in an air conditioner? Oh and in what month? Not a hot one, but a cold one. Well it’s FINALLY there, and hopefully it’ll do some good. Except for when it spits water all of the students walking in to get dinner.

Family Day was a success! According to Greg Overend, there were a record 1,200 families in attendance. Students and families alike enjoyed the many festivities, including the inflatable fun fest and bamboo plants.

Hearsay says there was an electrical fire at New Hall which caused the cafeteria and game room to close. I love how the school doesn’t tell us the truth about anything–they love to hide information: “New Hall is closed” not “There was a fire and New Hall is closed.” I’m now concerned for the safety of those that live above and those who work behind the cafeteria.

Again with no information! The NEWS gave more information about the shooting than the school! How the hell can you prance around proudly bragging about our state-of-the-art text messaging service in wake of the shootings in Virginia and then when there actually IS a shooting decide it’s safer not to use it?! And then, not tell us jack about the situation that actually happened? We want apologies, we want answers, and we want to feel safe again.

Can we start putting the heat on? I’m cold.