The Charger Battery

Joshua Van Hoesen


Well it was a freakin’ fabulous weekend with beautiful weather! No one could have asked for better, especially after all the crappy rain that we’ve had.

You know what I have to say this week? Kudos to maintenance! I don’t know about everyone else, but I have definitely noticed an increase in which the speed of work orders gets done.

And to all you naysayers, some things do take precedent over others. If you think it’s that huge of a deal, then talk to your RA or send in another request.


Okay, people, another weekly lesson about driving! You know those orange lights on the front of your car? Those are called blinkers! You turn them on when you are going to make a turn or switch lanes, so please turn them on and use them! If you’re not using them, LEAVE THEM OFF! [Editor’s note: Me like.]

I have to admit, I’ve missed classes once in a while. Maybe not for the best of reasons, but I always get my work done. But what I’m tired of is those people who sleep through all their classes or “just don’t feel like going” all the time! And then they complain that it’s the teacher’s fault that they aren’t doing well!? Do us all a favor and shut your yap and start going to class, you yuppie! You’re not paying $40,000+ a year to sleep!

The Battery Charge:

For all you that don’t know, I am a motorcyclist. This weekend I had a very close call (ironically it was in front of a motorcycle training course I was taking!). This close call was due to the improper use of blinkers by a red convertible. I have learned that the left blinker on a red convertible is actually an attack sign to anyone riding a motorcycle (there is a 20-foot skid mark to prove it). Basically, the moral of the story is if you’re going to be making a turn, turn on your turn signal as you approach … not 3 streets before. And after you have made said turn or switched lanes, turn the damn things off so as not to be misleading to other drivers and cause an accident!