The Charger Battery

The Charger Bulletin


It was great having the Appellate Court come to UNH. Dodds Theater was jam-packed, which was a great thing to see. Having students see first-hand how such a case is argued is great experience-I know it’s difficult for a student to just randomly show up at court to see some case being argued. So instead, the court came here. Thanks for that experience!

The Topping Off Ceremony was interesting to say the least. We sat there and praised a piece of metal. Then it suddenly got swooped off the table, making a lot of people nervous with all the crane failures recently in NYC, and then filled in the final gap in the new dorm. The one question on everyone’s mind: why the heck is there a tree attached to the beam!?

The Board of Governors didn’t get in the way as much as usual when they were here. Yay!


One of the coolest movies of the summer, Wanted, had its free on-campus showing cancelled last weekend due to “unforeseen circumstances.” That’s a real bummer. I mean come on, even I of all people thought Angelina Jolie was hot in that movie. You can’t get much better than Angelina being able to shoot things around corners. She definitely outdid Lara Croft in this one!

This has been complained about for years. Literally years. And still, to no avail, it never seems to be consistently  followed through with. The mailboxes should not be locked on the weekends. What if someone receives something important on Friday but cannot get to their mailbox until Saturday? I guess they are SOL since  the mailboxes aren’t open on the weekends.

Why won’t UNH e-mail  work on the weekends? This was the third weekend in a row where the UNH e-mail system was out of order.