The Charger Battery

Sam Drotar


HOW AWESOME WAS THE LONG WEEKEND! To me, it felt even longer because after that lovely mini vacay I only had like 2 classes between Wednesday and Thursday of class: and then another weekend happened! I stand firm in the fact that I can speak for most of, if not all of us, when I say the long weekend and extra free time were desperately needed.

I LOVE HOCKEY AND IT’S TIME FOR HOCKEY! Go Rangers, and sorry to say, but, Go Yale. Yup, I’m a Yale hockey fan, but more importantly, I’m a Charger’s hockey fan! Go Yankees, while we’re on the topic of …encouragement. I happened to see the last couple of innings of the LAA game the other day and PHEW! That was quite a game, a doozy, if you will!

In other news, did anyone else notice that it got FREEZING with like ONE day’s notice??!! On the one hand, I’m stoked that it is finally cold enough to wear cute winter boots and sweaters, and that means that snow is coming and I love snow, and that means ski season and I love skiing, and that means Christmas and I love Santa—-WAIT…I see no bad side to this. I’M EXCITED! 😀

P.S.: ummm….it’s MID-October and it’s already snowing!!!!!! (exhibit A: Pats/Tenn NFL game yesterday….you could see NO green on the field whatsoever!)


YAY MIDTERMS. Papers, tests, and quizzes, OH MY!

As soon as I think the black cloud has passed, the midterm effect is done and over with, something else starts to plague my back burner! 2010 registration! I feel like I haven’t even been at school long enough to think about next semester yet! Geez! Give me a chance to breathe, will ya?! I haven’t even mustered up enough motivation to deal with that yet. Currently all registration e-mails are sitting patiently in my inbox, and I’m FINE with that! 😀

Speaking of hitting us while we’re down, how about FLU SEASON! EVERYONE RUN FOR THE HILLS! THE FLU IS COMING! Already being sleep deprived and immune deficient due to the lovely midterm episode, along with the change of weather, sickness has sky-rocketed! Affected by what I have concluded, based on my expert medical opinion of course, as Bronchitis’ ugly brother, I am miserable. I take all of the needed precautions: flu shot, hand sanitizer permanently attached to my hip, and the attempt of more sleep, but I still am defeated!

Conclusion: campus, not just ours, but college campus’ in general, will be an incubator for the flu of the swine this winter. Everyone stock up on soup and Tylenol PM!