The Charger Battery


Spring weekend was a success. It was nice to at least have some sun. And whoa. An elephant. We had an elephant. Here. How awesome is that. The concert was pretty good, not the best, but pretty good. I think most people would agree that Third Eye Blind put on a great show. Thanks for all of your hard work SCOPE and volunteers!

As Europe (the band) would sing, “It’s the final countdown!” Seniors we have SIXTEEN DAYS LEFT!!!! Semi-charmed kinda life, eh? We’ll all be going our own way, but hopefully we’ll bring our memories and good times with us and thanks to awesome technology we’ll be able to keep in touch with those we’ve met in the past four years. Good luck to everyone who is graduating!

Can I just mention how Dining Services hasn’t touched a single one of our meals on our cards?

If I could, I would include a single teardrop of mine with every issue this week, but unfortunately I don’t think I can do that. All of the rest of you suckers stuck here for a few more years: make the best of it!


And so it comes to an end–my reign of the baby I created and maintained for 7 semesters. I’ve seen things change and I’ve see things stay the same from what I’ve written. Heck, the paper was once even confiscated over something I wrote (dead rats and Open House, anyone?). I want to thank those loyal readers who have kept me going. Equally important, I want to thank those who have let me poke fun at them, as well as those who have responded to what I’ve written. This battery is now dead and it’s time to recharge! I hope I can find someone that can continue my legacy, though no one can do it as well as me.  I hope.

Oh and specially for Food Services, I have to do it once more for [expletive deleted]s and giggles: Sandella’s, please cut your pizzas better. No one can eat them the way they’re cut and lots of people have been complaining about it lately. Maybe there’s a pizza cutting seminar or something. But really, a special thanks to Food Services who have taken a lot of the brunt from me and have been the quickest to respond to my complaints and even my praises.