The Charger Battery



For those of us who stayed here over spring break it was a great break to be able to actually use our dining dollars at Jazzman’s. I’ve been pushing for this for years as most of the time I’ve stayed here food was not available by use of dining dollars–everything had to be paid for in cash. Maybe the school is starting to realize that students are important after all. But I wouldn’t push it.

T-minus 50! We’re almost out of here seniors! And don’t you love how we got invited to our own graduation? Another UNH special of unnecessary paperwork. Yay for sustainability and “going green.”

In my past four years here I have been to lots and lots of restaurants and I’m realizing that there are still a lot more that I haven’t been to. Between the Post, Milford, Downtown New Haven, and even West Haven there are so many affordable places for students to go out and enjoy themselves for fairly cheap. From Ethiopian to Mexican to Indian to Pan-Asian to greasy American burgers, it’s there. So instead of complaining there’s nothing to do, take a trip and find some good food. You never know what else you’ll find.


Im so sick of seeing typoes in emails & sines on campus. Its so annoying when ppl cant take the tiem to edit or even proofread. especially i luv the ones were its like “come to are event from 12am til 3pm” . Plz lern to tell thyme. This 1 has Ben bothering me 4 years.

This is going to sound mean, but it’s about time someone got hit by a car on this campus. Over the years I have heard so many stories of people almost getting hit because people can’t drive. Stop signs and stop lights are NOT suggestions, nor are pedestrians targets. I’ve almost been hit between Bartels and Dodd’s, where no one ever stops at the two stop signs where everyone needs to cross. I’ve almost gotten hit several times in the library parking lot crossing the crosswalk to Ruden. Parking isn’t the only problem on campus; driving is too. And I’ve never seen CP ticketing rolling stoppers, only trivial misparked cars.

I’ve heard complaints that events don’t have enough “goodies” for people, specifically citing hats and stuffed animals. For these events, I know it’s hard to plan, but it’s important to account for the influx of students on campus. Otherwise, people feel left out.