The Charger Battery

Kaitlin Mahar



+ We got a bit of a weather teaser this weekend with a high of 43 degrees on Sunday, which gave all of the “bros” wearing shorts and t-shirts a bit more of an excuse for their choice in clothing.

+ Now that grades are starting to come in, it’s understandable if some of you are starting to realize that you have the mental capacity of a plastic spoon. Make yourself feel better by watching people who are (pretending to be) as stupid, if not more so, than you at SCOPE’s showing of Dumb and Dumber To on Friday.


– Unless being homeless is your new aesthetic, don’t forget to drop your past ten paychecks on your housing deposit, which is due this Friday.

– R.I.P. to the seagull eaten by the hawk. And R.I.P. to the hawk that’s probably going to die from eating the seagull.

The Battery Charge

Three weeks separate us from Spring Break, and this week just might be the hardest since we have a Monday-Wednesday class schedule for three days this week to make up for all the snow days. On another note, take J.K. Simmons’ advice from his acceptance speech at the Oscars Sunday night and call your parents. They’ve probably forgotten you exist at this point.