The Charger Battery

Kaitlin Mahar



+ SCOPE kicked off the beginning of finals week by celebrating the last day of classes with a Relaxation Day in Jazzman’s, featuring food, massages and K-9 Nia.

+ Congratulations to all of the students who played in the Winter Concert on Saturday and got everybody in the holiday spirit!


– As students begin to suffer through finals, expect the dining halls to be more crowded than usual this week, with people crying as they eat their feelings.

– The Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show was last night, so expect the gym to be a lot more crowded than usual as well.

The Battery Charge

As much as students may be wishing they were home by a nice, warm fire instead of suffering through finals, just remember that this semester will be over in less than a week and delicious home-cooked food is your incentive to push through.