The Charger Battery

Kaitlin Mahar


+ Homecoming was a huge success, as the Chargers destroyed Merrimac 42-14, Sammy Adams destroyed the University’s speaker systems, and UNH students destroyed their livers.

+ Not to fear, party animals, Halloween is this Friday, meaning that the Homecoming party will live on for another weekend.


– A family in West Haven has been quarantined in their home after returning to the U.S. from a trip to Liberia during the Ebola scare, which means that Health Services will be more crowded than ever with hypochondriacs convinced that they’re showing symptoms.

– As fun as Homecoming weekend was, the recovery period following this weekend will not nearly be as enjoyable, especially with strep going around.

The Battery Charge:

We’ve sprinted our way through Homecoming weekend and we’re heading towards the finish line for this semester. Registration is already next month, so be sure to meet with your advisors!