The Charger Battery


March was in like a lion, giving us another beautiful snow day. It’s a nice break right before spring break to let us sit and ponder the warmth of where we may travel. Just don’t forget that even Georgia got snow, so if you’re thinking about sipping piña coladas on Myrtle Beach, you may actually be wearing a snow suit. But just remember, when March is in like a lion it’s also out like a lamb, so look forward to a nice, mild spring!

Having toured it myself, Soundview Hall (blech!) is coming along quite well inside. As of now it’s easy to get lost inside because it’s so big, but the rooms are pretty nice and I’m sure people will really enjoy having not only singles but also the ability to cook. The only problem I see is that it’s a little like Dunham when it comes to living room space. However, the wide expanses of glass actually do provide a nice view on the upper floors (I still don’t like Soundview!).

Did anyone else notice that for a little while some classes literally just disappeared off of Blackboard? Poof! Just gone. It was really odd and hopefully it won’t happen again, especially when Blackboard is needed the most.

For as long as the “new” website has been up, there are still a lot of flaws with it. Is there anyone working on it to fix the flaws? It’s been at least a year and the search bar on the front page still takes forever to search and when you try additional search terms it adds on the last search term you search (ex: search “Charger” then search “Battery” and the search result will be for “Charger Battery”). These problems have been known for a long time yet nothing is getting done about them. Does anyone care that the website of a school really attracts or detracts a person? Come on, get with the 21st century!