Halloween Story Winner: Jack’s Lament

Halloween Story Winner: Jack’s Lament

Skyler Huson, Guest Writer

November 1, 2017

Filed under Student Life

I thought my only purpose was to bask in the October sun, and drink in the chilly fall rain. Growing steady, plumping above green leaves that tickled the ridges on my side made me proud. I was the largest in our patch, and I had no reason to suspect this to be a curse. There came lumbering pairs of stalks, all di...

Tell Your Success Story with Charger Tales

Elissa Sanci

February 14, 2013

Filed under Campus News and Events, University of New Haven

You can’t believe it—you have just gotten the internship of your dreams, and you are only a sophomore! Quickly, you call every important person in your life to let them know. Except…you still feel more people should know! This is a big accomplishment, after all. There has got to be another way… Well,...

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