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It Follows deviates from clichés

Ben Atwater

April 22, 2015

Horror is defined by Merriam-Webster’s dictionary as “a very strong feeling of fear, dread or shock.” That being said, a good horror film should contain all of those elements to be an effective narrative that evokes “fear, dread, or shock.” The latest horror film to hit theaters is...

Ouija Spirits moved me to boredom

Dylan Rupptrecht

October 29, 2014

Discovering a link from this world to a more sinister realm for dwelling lost souls and dealing with the quintessential terror that accompanies hauntings seems to be the premise for too many horror movies. The most recent installment of this type of horror movie, Ouija, uses this premise to terrorize five young adults who attempt to use a Ouija board to op...

Annabelle: more than just a doll

The Charger Bulletin

October 29, 2014

By Walter Gordillo Contributing Writer [email protected] Annabelle, the long anticipated spin-off to last year’s surprise hit The Conjuring, was released October 3. This spin-off is based on a true story, which partially makes up for a predictable storyline and overuse of jump scares. It doesn’t feature any of the human ch...

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