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Moe’s is Coming Soon…But How Soon

Moe's is Coming Soon...But How Soon

Kelly Adkins, Contributing Writer

September 26, 2019

This year, Moe’s Restaurant will take its place across from W.O.W. under Bergami Hall, but the question remains: when? Moe’s will offer a variety of Southwestern foods, ranging from rice bowls to wraps and tacos. The ordering set-up will be similar to the Tex-Mex station in the Marketplace, wher...

Chipotle or Nah?

Alessia Bicknese

January 27, 2016

Would you rather die of an E. coli infection or never eat Chipotle again? Well, according to the entire world, there is no way America could live without Chipotle – even if it means eating to your death. But why is this the case? Why is it that nothing can take us from the infected fast-food Mexican...

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