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That Time I Endured Hurricane María

That Time I Endured Hurricane María

Amanda M. Castro, Contributing Writer

September 11, 2019

    As a young girl growing up in Puerto Rico, I endured my fair share of hurricanes, but I never endured something of the caliber of the angry monster that took the small U.S. territory by storm. For the longest time, I have sat through many hurricanes, but the thought of my life – and my family’...

Hurricane Season Hits Home On Campus

Hurricane Season Hits Home On Campus

Sommers Smith, Staff Writer

October 17, 2018

The 2018 Hurricane season isn’t holding back this year, as not one, but several massive hurricane storms have slammed into the Atlantic coast. These storms are making history in the United States by being a part of the first season recorded to witness so many subtropical storms. The time period for...

Students From Hurricane-Effected Areas Talk About Relief

Students From Hurricane-Effected Areas Talk About Relief

Sarah Dematteis, Staff Writer

October 11, 2017

University of New Haven students spoke about their dissatisfaction with response and recovery efforts thus far in regards to the aftermath of Hurricanes Irma and Maria in a panel discussion held early last week. The panel’s goal was to shed light on the harrowing situation still unfolding and to...

USGA and GSC Raising Funds for Hurricane Relief

USGA and GSC Raising Funds for Hurricane Relief

Israel Estrada, Contributing Writer

September 14, 2017

Hurricane Irma, now officially the worst storm in history, along with Hurricane Harvey, have devastated entire cities. While some people have lost their lives, others have lost their livelihoods, they have seen their neighborhoods ruined, and are in a complete state of dishevel. Homes, grocery stores,...

President Kaplan Calls for Support to Harvey Relief Efforts

President Kaplan Calls for Support to Harvey Relief Efforts

Karina Krul, Student Life Editor

August 30, 2017

President Kaplan sent an email to the campus community Wednesday morning addressing Hurricane Harvey and the devastation it has caused in Houston. He stressed the importance of extending sympathies and taking part in disaster relief to aid the citizens of Houston. “Hurricane Harvey has brought days of devastatio...

Growing Up and Growing Out

Liana Teixeira

August 29, 2012

Walking around campus this past week, I couldn’t help noticing how many faces I didn’t recognize. And to tell you the truth, it was a bit scary. During the past two years at UNH, I became so used to seeing certain people in classes, clubs or walking across campus. Now, I have reached that point...

University of New Haven Hurricane Preparations

The Charger Bulletin

August 25, 2011

URGENT NOTICE TO THE UNIVERSITY COMMUNITY With Hurricane Irene continuing to intensify and the likelihood of significant impact on the region, the University of New Haven will be implementing the following safety precautions effectively immediately. Resident students are asked to depart no later than...

Hurricane Hermine Drenches Texas

Ashley McDowell

September 16, 2010

On Sept. 6, forecasters said that Tropical Storm Hermine had put a hurricane watch in effect for parts of Texas. According to, the storm was expected to dump four to eight inches of rain over northeastern Mexico and sections of southern and north-central Texas. Isolated amounts of up to 12 inches...

Hope Being Restored After Hurricane Katrina

Sara J Dufort

September 8, 2010

Death, destruction, and devastation – this was how society described the toll that Hurricane Katrina took, after it made landfall in August 2005. 1,800 citizens lost their lives during the storm, and over a million people were displaced. Five years later, the areas that were hit the hardest are still...

Hurricane Earl Zipping Past East Coast

Liz De La Torre

September 8, 2010

For anyone celebrating Labor Day weekend, it was fair warning for all to watch out for power outages, strong beach currents, and gusty winds. However, the media coverage that had been devoted to Hurricane Earl, the Category 1 storm that had been ravaging the Eastern Seaboard, provided worries and concerns...

Katrina victims seek to sue greenhouse gas emitters

Joshua Van Hoesen

March 4, 2010

From AFP WASHINGTON (AFP) – Victims of Hurricane Katrina are seeking to sue carbon gas-emitting multinationals for helping fuel global warming and boosting the devastating 2005 storm, legal documents showed. The class action suit brought by residents from southern Mississippi, which was ravaged...

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