P.I.R.O welcomes local paranormal author

Francesca Fontanez

March 25, 2015

Filed under Campus News and Events, University of New Haven

A Bridgeport newspaper published a story about paranormal activity on Lindley Street, causing a national interest in supernatural occurrences in November 1974. Now, more than 40 years later, the story was brought to the UNH Campus. On Monday, March 9, Paranormal Investigation Research Organization...

Ouija Spirits moved me to boredom

Dylan Rupptrecht

October 29, 2014

Filed under Entertainment, Movies

Discovering a link from this world to a more sinister realm for dwelling lost souls and dealing with the quintessential terror that accompanies hauntings seems to be the premise for too many horror movies. The most recent installment of this type of horror movie, Ouija, uses this premise to terrorize five young adults who attempt to use a Ouija board to op...

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