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Riddin’ the Rails

West Haven train station

Amanda M. Castro, Staff Writer

March 11, 2020

I can bet that any commute is a colossal pain for anyone – all that unmoving traffic and stinky subway carts. But I can probably one-up all of that by saying that I commute all the way to the University of New Haven campus from the Bronx, N.Y by train. Yes, literally a whole state away. On a train...

West Haven Train Station Underway

Ross Weiner

January 30, 2013

Students who may want to go home for the weekend or into New York City for the day usually have to commute to get the train from New Haven. That is all going to change in June 2013 with the opening of a new Metro North Station in West Haven. This station will be closer to UNH. This is great news because...

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