Summer Construction Adds Parking, Labs, Classroom Space


Over the summer, the University launched or completed a variety of building projects around campus to enhance the experience of students, faculty and staff.

UNH launched or completed a variety of building projects around campus this summer.

The University razed a number of properties adjacent to the southwest corner of campus along Ruden Street, Ruden Place and Isadore Street to clear space for a new 350-bed residence hall. Plans are to break ground on the new residence hall this spring.

Charger Plaza (located across from Bethel Hall on Campbell Avenue) has been expanded to include four new research labs for science faculty, office space and smart classrooms space. An additional 140 parking spaces have been added behind Charger Plaza.

South Campus Hall has been painted. In addition, the parking area, which is expected to be completed in early September, has been re-engineered to add additional spaces and improve drainage and accessibility. The lower level of South Campus Hall has been renovated to add additional faculty and staff offices.

Jazzman’s Café was remodeled and expanded to improve access and reduce wait time.

The hot water system in Sheffield Hall has been upgraded and a new elevator installed.

Charger Gymnasium has added office space and a new fire detection and alarm system that will allow more versatile use of the gym for large events.

Dodds Theatre has been upgraded with new seating and “smart technology” to expand the facility’s use as a large capacity lecture space.

A new project at Maxcy Hall will soon begin to restore the areas known as the “porches” on the west side of the building. This project will replace the yellow plywood “boxes” with architectural windows matching the original Maxcy design. This restoration will create spaces with glass on three sides facing the residential campus and will be used for offices, classrooms and other academic and


student support space. The project is scheduled to start in late September and is expected to be completed by the end of year. To replace your windows and get new sturdy ones you can check out more for info.

Hazelnut Café is undergoing a renovation to enhance space for the hospitality programs.

Echlin Hall now has a new 50-student classroom, constructed by combining rooms 208 and 210.

Additionally, UNH’s first international campus in Tuscany, Italy, officially opens this fall.