Students React to Manager Allegedly Changing Expiration Dates at Jazzman’s

After news broke that Nancy Dijon, a supervising manager at Jazzman’s Cafe, was allegedly rewriting expiration dates, students have responded and some have reported bad experiences with food. Students were also not satisfied to see Dijon, the supervisor who allegedly rewrote the dates, still working at Jazzman’s.

“My parents own a restaurant,” said marine biology freshman Grace Waag. “If a health inspector came in, we’d be in trouble.”

Lyn Chamberlin, vice president of marketing and communications, said that “there is nothing new to report.”

“Quality of food and food preparation is a top priority for the university and we are continually monitoring all aspects of its procurement, production, and service,” said Chamberlin.

Andey Simmons, a freshman psychology major said the changing of dates “can really cause harm.” Waag said she purchased a wrap from Jazzman’s but threw it out “because the lettuce was bad.”

Marlia Maiolo, a junior dental hygiene major said she has seen wraps at Bartels that were brought down from Jazzman’s that have been “soggy.” Maiolo has never purchased anything from Jazzman’s, but she believes students “pay way too much for this school to be changing the expiration dates.”

Simmons and Maiolo both believe the manager changing the expiration dates should no longer be allowed to work at Jazzman’s. Simmons said “people are fired at other places.”

Simmons also commented on other negative experiences at Jazzman’s. Simmons once ordered a chocolate croissant which “didn’t taste fresh.” Waag believes that changing the expiration dates isn’t right “especially because it’s so expensive.”

Waag said that food locations on campus should be making sure that their food is up to date. Simmons said he noticed at the Re-Charge Convenience Market, formerly known as the C-store managers are always checking the dates of food in the refrigerator.