Michelle R Morra

Fa la lala lala… That song has been stuck in my head ever since the SCOPE Film Committee showed the Smurf movie in the Bartels Café last week.  The movie was a great representation of the cartoon we all know and love.

We all the story of the little blue guys and girl, but this time, something went terribly wrong.  As usual, the wicked wizard Gargamel was after the smurfs, and as they tried to get away from him, they ended up in an unfamiliar place.  Before you knew it, the smurfs had invaded New York City.  In an unfamiliar place, who knows what could go wrong, but this movie showed every possibility.

It was a great and hilarious movie, and the effects that created the Smurfs were amazing.  All the characters, even the little ones, were perfect for the movie, but I think my favorite was Patrick Winslow played by Neil Patrick Harris, who is funny in matter what he plays.  Some of the smurfs were played by people we all know and love; Katy Perry played Smurfette, and George Lopez played Grouchy.  This movie was a great addition to the story we used to watch as kids as a cartoon.

Stay tuned for the last movie before Thanksgiving Break.  Cowboys and Aliens was played in the Bartels Café on Tuesday and will be played again on Friday at 9:00 p.m.  Hope to see everyone there!