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Last SCOPE Weekly Movie

Michelle R Morra May 2, 2012

You know the semester is winding down when final papers are due, finals are in sight, and SCOPE Film Committee has their last weekly movie of the semester.  On Tuesday, April 24 in the Bartels Cafeteria,...

The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo

Michelle R Morra April 11, 2012

SCOPE is still going strong and is keeping up the hard work with their weekly movies.  Last week’s movie took everyone by surprise at moments.  On Tuesday and Friday in the Bartels Cafeteria, the SCOPE...


Michelle R Morra November 16, 2011

Fa la lala lala… That song has been stuck in my head ever since the SCOPE Film Committee showed the Smurf movie in the Bartels Café last week.  The movie was a great representation of the cartoon we...

Here’s the Scoop on SCOPE!

Michelle R Morra October 26, 2011

Name: Ryan Christopher Position: SCOPE Film Committee Hometown: Holyoke, MA Year: Senior Major: Forensic Science – Chemistry Concentration Other Involvement: Paintball Club Interesting...

The End has Come

Michelle R Morra October 26, 2011

On Friday, October 21, the world... ENDED!  Oh NO!  Obviously if you are reading this article, the world didn't end, but the end did come for something else.  Last Friday, the SCOPE Film Committee showed...


Michelle R Morra March 2, 2011

Last week was a special week compared to prior SCOPE weeks, because it was Film Week.  It was an entire week full of events devoted to films; we had movies, trivia shows with questions about 2010 films,...

Megamind: a Super Villain Movie

Isaak Kifle February 23, 2011

Most superhero movies today follow the same general plot formula. From the point of view of the hero, the audience is treated to a battle against the villain, who will inevitably lose. The hero may be...

The Nature of Dreams Explored: Inception, SCOPE Movie

Isaak Kifle November 10, 2010

Dreams, despite being a common occurrence in nature, are one of the least understood phenomena in the world. Everyone has had a dream, but few will remember it very well afterwards. We never question the...

Eclipse Movie Night

Samantha Shinn November 3, 2010

The third edition to the Twilight Saga, Eclipse, is about the epic battle that unites the Cullen vampires and the Quileute werewolves against a common enemy. This movie also shows the final fight for Jacob...

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