Shoe Forecast for Rain/Snow

Samantha Salvio

There is nothing like a lovely flurry of snowflakes to begin your weekend morning in March.

sams style

I hope everyone is feeling the same way as I do about our current weather situation. Amid the statuses of “remember when we wore shorts and tanks in March” and “it’s raining/snowing again,” it looks as though wet weather is on our future for a good amount of time.

This season, I have explored the many different options of footwear to keep my toesies warm; I have tried the Classic UGG look, the East Coast rain boot look and the nonchalant riding boot look. Here is my review on these looks:

1. The Classic UGG: I am not a fan of this look in general, but I set my pretenses aside to give this look another try. I chose to wear a pair of grey, cable knit tall UGGS on a day where it ended up snowing. Due to the cable knit design and heavier material, my feet and legs stayed fairly warm but I noticed that my socks were getting wet because of the liquid seeping into the boot. After walking around the day with cold and soppy feet, I am reverting back to my pretenses about UGGS only being suitable for wearing around the house.

2. East coast rain boot: I would still like to consider myself fairly new to the east coast and often look to other people around me to see what the fashion culture is like in New England. I noticed that rain boots were not only used for the rainy weather, but snowy weather as well. This took me by surprise and decided to follow suit with this trend. I noticed that I was less likely to slip and die because of the rubber soles, but the downside was my boots were not insulated and the boots absorbed all the chilly weather. This time my feet weren’t wet, but still freezing cold. Hunter boots now make rain boots with a cable-knit insulation—that would be my recommendation.

3. Nonchalant riding boot: My boots go off to these people that choose to wear riding boots or any other casual shoewear for this weather. Even with rubber soles, I still tend to slip and am a hot mess! Not to mention the leather material on most boots do not take well to the rain and moves up the expiration date on those shoes. I forgot to wear my snow boots one day when it was snowing and just wore regular riding boots out and slipped about five times.