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Postponements in Spring Sports

Photo Courtesy of Creative Commons

Ethan Cardona, Staff Writer

March 27, 2019

Playing collegiate softball or baseball in the northeast is no easy task. It often requires multiple layers of compression shirts and double socks to stay warm. But that, of course, is if the games actually get played, as the word “postponed” on the schedule has been a regular occurrence for the Ne...

Poetry Corner

The Charger Bulletin

April 27, 2016

What if grass is greener on the other side, Because it’s always raining there, Where the ones who never fail to give, Hardly have enough to spare, Where the people with the broadest smiles, Have pillows filled with tears, And the bravest ones you’ve ever known, Are crippled by their fears, It’s...

Postcards from Prato

Anelia Marston

February 17, 2016

After a long few weekends of traveling, we decided to take this past weekend off and actually participate more heavily in the study part of study abroad. But that still didn’t prevent us from exploring all that Prato has to offer. On Friday, we attempted to work the public bus system in hopes to arrive...

Shoe Forecast for Rain/Snow

Samantha Salvio

April 1, 2015

There is nothing like a lovely flurry of snowflakes to begin your weekend morning in March. I hope everyone is feeling the same way as I do about our current weather situation. Amid the statuses of “remember when we wore shorts and tanks in March” and “it’s raining/snowing again,” it looks as though wet weather i...

April Nor’easter Dumps Rain, Snow on East Coast

The Associated Press

April 25, 2012

PHILADELPHIA (AP) — A spring nor'easter packing soaking rain and high winds churned up the Northeast Monday morning, unleashing a burst of winter and up to a foot of snow in higher elevations inland, closing some schools and sparking concerns of power outages. "It's unusual, but not unheard of," said Kevi...

Super Fun Facts of the Week

Emily Rodriguez

February 8, 2012

Monday – Rain has never been recorded in parts of the world’s driest desert. Tuesday – Comet tails always face away from the sun. Wednesday –  Frogs swallow food using their eyes. Thursday – A unit of measurement called "the beard-second" quantifies how long a man’s beard grows in one...

Storm Brings Mix of Rain and Snow to New England

The Associated Press

November 10, 2010

FREEPORT, Maine – A powerful coastal storm packing rain, snow and sleet and wind gusts topping 60 mph knocked power out to tens of thousands of homes and businesses, shut down dozens of schools and slowed the morning commute Monday across New England. More than 60,000 homes and businesses were in...

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