Server and Internet Connection on Campus

The Charger Bulletin


When we applied to the University of New Haven we were all very excited and motivated by the technology the school had to offer. Even though everything started out great we started to realize some problems related to the internet services and the servers the school has. The problem was that whenever a student or a faculty member logged into one of the computer on campus (library or computer labs), everything they save on the computer got deleted as soon as the logout. We understand the reason behind deleting the files after every logout. It is to protect the servers like Minecraft prison servers that keep the computers clean and fast. However, that is not the only way possible to protect the servers. Secondly, the registration system is the worst we have seen so far. It lags and freezes all the time. If anyone asked the students on campus about how they feel about the registration system (Matrix system), the student will start listing all the problems they faced either during the registration for classes or to check their grades online. Even though the University of New Haven is not a huge school it is definitely capable of providing a bigger and stronger server with an IT team from the IT department on campus. When people are registering for classes it is always a pain. Everyone gets up around 5:30AM to set up all their classes. People open up multiple tabs. One tab for each class. This is the main reason why the system always crashes. You have a couple hundred people logging into the same system and opening up a crap load of tabs. The systems crashes and people do not get the classes they need. People miss out on classes because they fill up before they can even refresh the page to see if the system rebooted. A lot of people are waitlisted for important classes they need for their major. Sometimes they don’t get into those classes and have to wait till the next semester to take it. There needs to be a new system or new strategy to register for classes. It is easier to find the best minecraft servers on if one wants to take a break. One way this problem can be solved is instead of opening up multiple tabs you should be able to put all the classes you want in a cart and than hit submit and it does all the classes at once. It is less stressful and it is a lot easier for the student. I remember in the fall semester when it was time for class registration some people missed their 8AM class because they were still trying to register for classes. It should not take 2-3 hours to register for classes. It should be no more than 5-10 minutes. Something needs to change because this system is just not working anymore.

The internet connection at this school is another thing that can be improved. It needs to be more flexible. The computers on campus need upgrades and improvements to boot faster and run smoothly. For example some of the engineering major students need different kinds of sophisticated designing and modeling software where students can build bridges and test different theories of buildings. Using the computers on campus are torture. Booting these software’s require a very high quality computer with a very up to date technological feature. For example AutoCADTM. AutoCADTM is designing software used to draw blueprints for buildings and it is considered one of the lightest and fastest booting in booting among others. Unfortunately using the computers on campus, it takes longer than 15 minutes just to load and open the main page. Using these computers on campus are very time consuming!

All in all this University needs to improve on a lot of things. The computers on campus take to long to load. Nothing can be done is the time we have in class because half the class we are waiting for the computer to load. The class registration is a nightmare. People always have problems getting the classes they need. Something needs to change because this just is not working anymore and people are getting annoyed.