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Achieving Fame, The Rise and Fall of Internet Celebrities

Achieving Fame, The Rise and Fall of Internet Celebrities

Devinh Valentine, Contributing Writer

March 11, 2020

In this day and age, the term celebrity is broad. There is a spectrum, ranging from professional celebrities, like recording artists and actors, to the more modern, unconventional celebrity, including YouTubers and TikTok stars. Technology, more specifically the Internet, has made it extremely easy for...

Why Shaming Your Dog is Okay, But Shaming Your Kid Isn’t

Kaitlin Mahar

September 16, 2015

Lately, “pet shaming” has taken the internet by storm, as pet owners post photos with captions that range in hilarity and tales of misbehavior, from “I tore up all the pillows on the new couch” to “I ate my owner’s chocolate liqueur and got wasted.” All are harmless, albeit some outlandish, ways to effectively waste time on the Inter...

Server and Internet Connection on Campus

The Charger Bulletin

April 17, 2013

By TOM HANNEL and FAHAD ALSULIMANI LETTER TO THE EDITOR When we applied to the University of New Haven we were all very excited and motivated by the technology the school had to offer. Even though everything started out great we started to realize some problems related to the internet services and...

Controversy Arises over Sudden Censorship

Elissa Sanci

April 3, 2013

Internet Censorship: the control or suppression of what can be accessed, viewed or published on the Internet. This act can be carried out in governments or in private institutions, such as a business, or, in our case, a university. Students returned from Spring Break, excited to tackle the remaining eight weeks of ...

UNH to Offer State’s Fifth Six-Year Program in Instructional Technology

The Charger Bulletin

August 29, 2012

By UNH TODAY The state’s first Sixth-Year Diploma in Instructional Technologies and Digital Media Literacy will be offered at the University of New Haven beginning in September. The diploma, one academic level above a master’s degree, is designed for elementary and secondary school teachers...

Ignorance on the Internet

Matt DiGiovanni

February 1, 2012

With bills like SOPA and PIPA just recently put on hold, ACTA signed, and TPP negotiations still in progress, I’ve noticed two big things happening on the internet: 1. Large internet communities and individual users expressing their opinions/stances by taking action in various ways such as the bla...

China denies involvement in Google hackings

Joshua Van Hoesen

January 26, 2010

From The Associated Press: BEIJING – China sharply rebuked the United States on Monday, denying involvement in any Internet attacks and defending its online restrictions as lawful after Washington urged Beijing to investigate an attack against Google. The search engine giant announced on Jan....

Pope to priests: Go forth and blog

Joshua Van Hoesen

January 24, 2010

From The Associated Press: VATICAN CITY – Pope Benedict XVI has a new commandment for priests struggling to get their message across: Go forth and blog. The pope, whose own presence on the Web has heavily grown in recent years, urged priests on Saturday to use all multimedia tools at their disposal...

Google tests loyalties of China’s wired generation

Joshua Van Hoesen

January 20, 2010

From Reuters BEIJING (Reuters) – When Google threw down the gauntlet to China's Internet censors, it also challenged the loyalties of the nation's wired generation. These tech-savvy Chinese in their 20s and 30s grew up in far greater affluence and openness than their parents. Many are pulled...

Swedish service performs your last online wishes

Joshua Van Hoesen

December 12, 2009

From The Associated Press STOCKHOLM – Sunniva Geertinger was devastated when her boyfriend took his life early this year. To make matters worse, his Facebook account proved almost impossible to put to rest, haunting her like a ghost with new wall-posts from network pals and holiday photos from ...

Internet believers: Pastors open online churches

Liz De La Torre

November 3, 2009

From The Associated Press Church volunteers greet visitors entering the lobby. The worship band begins its set and a pastor offers to pray privately with anyone during the service. When the sermon is done, it's time for communion, and the pastor guides attendees through the ritual. Later, worshippers...

Best Buy embraces digital delivery of home video

Joshua Van Hoesen

November 3, 2009

From The Associated Press   SAN FRANCISCO - Best Buy Co. is trying to nudge consumers away from its stores' DVD aisles by making it easier for them to rent and buy movies over high-speed Internet connections. The largest U.S. retailer of consumer electronics is setting up its digital delivery...

FCC chairman proposes `open Internet’ rules

Joshua Van Hoesen

September 21, 2009

From The Associated Press NEW YORK - Wireless carriers shouldn't be allowed to block certain types of Internet traffic flowing over their networks, the chairman of the Federal Communications Commission chairman said Monday in a speech that figures to provoke a fight with the industry. FCC Chai...

Want to read all about it online? It may cost you

Joshua Van Hoesen

September 20, 2009

From The Associated Press SAN FRANCISCO - With their advertising revenue drying up, newspaper publishers spent much of the spring and summer debating whether to cut off free online access to some of the material they run in their shrinking print editions. It looks like the talk will turn to...

Pigeon transfers data faster than South Africa’s Telkom

Joshua Van Hoesen

September 9, 2009

From Reuters JOHANNESBURG (Reuters) – A South African information technology company on Wednesday proved it was faster for them to transmit data with a carrier pigeon than to send it using Telkom , the country's leading internet service provider. Internet speed and connectivity in Africa's largest econo...

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