SCOPE Goes Rock Climbing

Michelle R Morra

February has been packed full of events with the Black Student Union putting on events every day for Black History Month. Then SCOPE had their Annual Film Week. It was hard to see all the other events happening, but they were there.  And even though Film Week was going on, SCOPE Weekend Programming was still planning events for the weekend.  On Friday February 24, SCOPE Weekend Programming went to Prime Climb in Wallingford, Connecticut to go rock climbing.

The facilities were indoors so the snow that came that morning did not prevent anyone from going.  At 5:45 p.m., students lined up outside Maxcy Hall to check in and get on the bus to go indoor rock climbing. It was a short thirty minute ride to Prime Climb, but anticipations were high as eager students sat on the bus.  When the bus arrived students filed out of the bus and then geared up inside the facility and each took turns climbing rock walls that went forty feet up.

It was a challenge for some, but they were people who really tried their hardest. That was enough to get some recognition from other students.  Other students had an easy time, but challenged themselves by trying more difficult walls than they might have been used to.  But no matter what level of difficulty the students were climbing, they were all having fun.

In the pile of events that were happening last week, SCOPE Weekend Programming shined through with a great event that got students moving and inside away from the cold and the snow that surprised everyone that morning.