Postcards from Prato

Anelia Marston

Letters to Juliet


After our weekend in Prato, Deanna, Iyana, and I brought our adventures elsewhere in Italy. Our first stop for the weekend was Venice, Italy. They were not joking when they said the city was all water. Pedestrian walkways are alleyways and streets are canals. People don’t drive cars in Venice, but instead, everyone owns a boat. We only spent one day there, but that was plenty of time for Venice. We aimlessly wandered the city, took artsy pictures, and rode in a gondola. After our gondola ride through the city, we went to the Piazza San Marco, which is a popular square in Venice. In Piazza San Marco, there are about a million and one pigeons and if you go up to the flock of them and stick your hand out they fly up to your arm. I had two pigeons on my arm at one point!

Deanna and Anelia in Venice (photo provided by Anelia Marston)
Deanna and Anelia in Venice (photo provided by Anelia Marston)

After Venice, we spent a day in Verona. From the second we arrived there, I fell in love with the city. Verona was the picture-perfect Italian town. The first place we visited was the Arena, which is a smaller version of the Coliseum. We climbed all the way to the top.  After the Arena, we visited Juliet’s house. I took pictures on her balcony and even wrote a letter to Juliet herself. After we explored her house, we hung out in Juliet’s garden where her statue resides. It’s rumored that if you go up to her statues and touch her right breast, then you will become lucky in love. After visiting Juliet’s house, we walked across the city to the Pietra, which is an ancient bridge built thousands of years ago. Across the Pietra are 200 steps that we climbed. Once you reach the top of the steps, you can see the whole city of Verona. We reached the top right at sunset. We sat up there and watch the sunset over the beautiful city. It was perfect.

The fun may be over but I have some great memories. I would do anything to go back to Verona. It’s such a wonderful city. But now, its almost midterm week here and I have been buried in my books (that’s what my Grandma wants to hear, at least). But really, its time to take a break on travels until spring break and focus on books. Until next week!