Plans to Expand to Alligntown With New Housing


Glenn Rohrbacker

Last week, some students received an email asking their opinion on a possible renovation of the corner by CVS and Campbell Avenue in West Haven. However, this project has already been underway for some time. Acorn Group, a construction and retail development organization headed by David A. Beckerman is the company behind the new venture. The group is working alongside the city of Allingtown and the University of New Haven to make this new housing project open to students of the university. To get contractors that you can talk to regarding the kind of renovation you need you can go to

The apartments are not like Forest Hills or other off campus housing for U.N.H. They are privately owned buildings that will be luxury apartments open to U.N.H. students. The apartments will include private washers and dryers, new technological improvements and other amenities for each building. For erosion control during construction one can go for DX2 Geosyntex.

“These apartments are nothing like what we have now,” says David Beckerman, Chairman at Acorn Group and active member of UNH history.

The new project in Allingtown will consume the entire area, and will truly recreate the area around CVS. The reasons for this expansion might seem obvious, given the increasing number of students being admitted to the university, as well as the lack of local housing for students.

The undertaking will produce a brand new housing complex that is within walking distance from main campus. The goal is also to develop the area into a real college town, and then build on that in the future as U.N.H. expands its reach to the surrounding areas.

The clear concern when it comes to building these luxury apartments is the cost it will have for students. As university costs are already high, and students in some cases pay more to live in higher end dorms on campus (Celentano and WestSide), it will be telling to see how many students are willing to pay the extra money for these luxury apartments.

“I think students and parents are willing to pay a little bit more because it’s different,” said Beckerman.

It was not yet decided how much the property would cost, but it was indicated by Beckerman that the rent would be more than average. Although, the argument is that the new properties would offer a lot more than are currently offered by university housing.

The new apartments will be named The Atwood, Park Place, and The Forest. There is already construction happening for The Atwood which will be built right next to CVS.

The other two buildings will be built across the street on either side of Forest Road. The Atwood will be completed by May of 2017, and they are currently accepting applications for rental. Acorn and U.N.H. are currently working on a way to integrate the new buildings into the housing system. Park Place and The Forest are scheduled to be completed by 2019.

The main goal of the university working with Acorn to develop this new “college town” area is the give U.N.H. “more presence in the area.” After the road construction is finished, there will be a sidewalk put n that will connect the main campus to these off campus housing complexes.

The other objectives of expanding into this area is to fix the lack of suitable housing for university upperclassmen, who are not guaranteed housing at all. There is also an obvious lack of a college center in West Haven and U.N.H. hopes to be the revitalizing agent for the town.