Oh, Hey! You’re an Idiot.

Zack Rosen

So…housing. I see both sides, and I fully understand both. But this editorial isn’t about which is the better decision. It’s about which is the “beter” decision. Let me explain in this week’s episode of…

Learn To Be a Freakin’ Educated Adult, by Zack Rosen

The word “better” has two T’s in it.

The word effect is not the same as the word affect.

UNH does not control the prices of the campus book store.

UNH does not control the prices of the C-Store.

While I wouldn’t venture in certain places alone at night, West Haven is not going to turn into a volcano and explode all over your new pair of kicks while a bunch of people come to attack you with knives and grenades…all within the very minute you walk outside of campus.

If you don’t understand something, you should investigate it. Don’t assume, and don’t spread untrue rumors.

UNH does not receive income from the pay-to-print program. Fees associated with this go straight to buying more paper, ink, and printer parts. That’s why you should stop printing so feverishly. Also, stop wasting so much damn paper.

UNH itself has never guaranteed housing. Members of the A-Team may have done so, unfortunately, but no administration official has ever done so. Other schools that don’t guarantee four years of housing include Quinnipiac, UCONN, John Jay College, UC Berkeley, CCSU, University of New Hampshire, and USC.

If someone is helping by providing information and facts for you, chastising them is probably not the most mature decision. Speaking of: props to Gil Rogers in Admissions for helping so many students on the “Change in UNH Housing” Facebook group. He continuously monitored the page so that students would be informed of correct information instead of rumors.

He went above and beyond, and we are lucky to have him working on this campus.

That’s just a few suggestions. Basically, I have been tremendously disgusted by the maturity (or, lack thereof) and content of people on the Facebook group. Don’t get me wrong: there are a lot of great points being made, and a lot of mature discussions going on. But people are being extremely irresponsible. One individual stated that, although four years of housing are not guaranteed on campus in the student handbook, “people do not read the handbook.” What the hell kind of comment is that!? You sign something for a reason, not just to give the University your signature so they can compare the little loops to my little loops.

Not to mention people can’t even write. You do realize you’re in college, right!? Hey, I have nothing against using a few u’s and 2’s online, and I have nothing against writing in all capitals. But saying that “there middle name is frank” is so horribly disgusting to read. You do realize there’s a freakin’ difference between there, their, and they’re…right? I hope so.

You’re supposed to be an adult.

But hey, it’s not just students on the Facebook group being immature. As many of you know, some local media picked up the UNH housing story. One of these, the New Haven Register, posted the story on their website. Comments were added at the bottom, and I want to share one of them with you.

“How many Americans go to that school? If ya drive by, it seems there’s a lot of Middle Easterners. I’m sure they get to live on campus, or you might offend Muslims, and they will blow up the school.”

How ignorant can someone be? It is disgusting that people actually think this way. Yes, I am attacking someone’s opinion. I wouldn’t normally, no matter how much I disagree with them. But this is so incoherently unintelligent and defamatory that I have to express how wrong, immature, and ignorant they are. Not to mention, not every Middle Easterner is Muslim. I love how uneducated this guy is.

Regardless, thankfully that wasn’t posted by a UNH student.

Part of being an adult is that people really need to think first, that’s all. If you disagree with something, that’s great. Express your opinion. Hold a rally. Write to The Charger Bulletin. But defaming the University of New Haven and trying to contact prospective students is not going to do anything to better your cause: if any, it is only going to hurt the name written on YOUR diploma.

PS: my little loops are better than yours.