New Apple Products Announced

On Oct. 13, Apple hosted another Apple Event where they announced the latest additions to their collection, the iPhone 12, 12 Pro, 12 Max,12 Mini Pro, and Pro Max. The devices come in four colors: gold, silver, graphite and pacific blue. This event comes only a month after the company released its Apple Watch Series 6, Apple Watch SE, and two new iPad models.

One of the biggest upgrades to the previous iPhone models is the integrated MagSafe technology, which allows users to wirelessly charge their phones. Apple also said that although you can still use the regular chargers to charge the iPhone 12, a new charger does not come in the box.

Apple has created more accessories to utilize this technology. Official accessories include the MagSafe wireless charger, a clear case and a silicone case, a leather phone wallet, and an Otterbox case for consumers who want extra protection for their device. All four versions are also able to support 5G networks which means faster speed and higher performance levels.

The iPhone 12 Pro and Pro Max are the larger versions of the original 12, complete with improved 12 megapixel cameras that are great for taking photos in low light situations. The Pro’s display is 6.1 inches while the Pro Max’s display is 6.7 inches. The 12 Pro starts at $999 while the Pro Max starts at $1,099 with pre-orders starting on Nov. 6.

The iPhone 12 Mini has the exact same features as the Pro and Pro Max, the only difference is, of course, its size and price. This phone starts at $699 and has a 5.4-inch display. while the Pro’s display is 6.1 inches and the Pro Max’s is 6.7 inches. Pre-orders for the Mini will begin on Nov 6th as well.
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