Meet the ghosts in Maxcy Hall that have been haunting you


Graphic courtesy of Jacey Ferraro

Ghosts hide inside Maxcy Hall, West Haven.

Saige Batza, Student Life Editor


Have you ever felt as if you were being watched while walking to class inside Maxcy Hall? Have you ever felt spooked while walking past the building late at night? The building was once an orphanage before becoming a central part of the university. For 46 years, it was known as the “New Haven Temporary Home for Children.” Students have since then speculated that ghosts still reside on the third floor of the building and have been living there ever since the orphanage closed its doors.

During a recent interview a ghost named Raythe Torne said he often feels that he has unresolved conflict from his past life.

“I was only seven years old when I died,” he said, “and before then, I faced a lot of rejection and went through traumatic experiences in the orphanage that others probably don’t feel comfortable discussing.”

When asked if he has any contact with other ghosts in Maxcy, Torne did not verbally respond, only with a subtle shake of his detached head.

Another inhabitant of the building, Alastor Junde, said his “guilty pleasure is tormenting students who unknowingly pass him on the third floor of Maxcy Hall”

“As a human,” he said, “I used to pester other kids when we were supposed to be sleeping at night. I would intentionally keep them awake, and when the orphan keepers would hear them talking in the dead of night, they would sternly reprimand them as I pretended to remain asleep.”

Junde laughed at the memory and mumbled, “they deserved it.” Needless to say, you should keep a lookout for this one, because he may be scheming just around the corner.

The last ghost preferred to remain anonymous, as she does not want her identity to be revealed to students who might find her lurking inside of Maxcy Hall. She would not contribute to the interview in any way, nor would she engage in any conversation.

If you are interested in finding out more about the ghosts that live in Maxcy Hall, or suspect any paranormal activity, please contact the Paranormal Investigation and Research Organization (PIRO) at the University of New Haven. You can email them at [email protected] or follow @unh.piro for more information.