Meet the brains behind the Bulletin


Photo courtesy of Amber Cholewa.

The Resident Italian and Sports Editor display their love-hate relationship, West Haven.


Kayla Mutchler
“The Big Cheese”
Kayla has been a dedicated writer to the Charger Bulletin since her freshman year. Assuming the role of The Big Cheese for the past two years, she has been our fearless leader. Kayla is also a massive proponent of the university bimbo movement and can be spotted around campus, casually wearing a velour Juicy Couture tracksuit.

Tyler Wells
The man. The myth. The legend.

Isabelle Hajek
“Magazine Mommy”
Isabelle always dresses well, even when she says she doesn’t. She somehow always looks important. Isabelle is witty and is not afraid to speak her mind in both the magazine and newspaper. But somehow, she’s beyond giving a f***. We love to see it.

Lindsay Giovannone
“Pain in the Ass”
Lindsay enjoys writing humor, as well as bothering authority figures in the name of the First Amendment. She has personally been threatened with several lawsuits, a cease and desist and a personal email from the school president apologizing for his mask gaffe in September. Lindsay has also been called a “pain in the ass” by a Pulitzer prize winning journalist.

Samuel Weinmann
“Sports Editor”
Sam is a dedicated and prolific sports writer. He is especially talented among the editorial staff for his ability to put on a Straight MaleTM persona. If you ever encounter Sam in the wild, he will make you laugh. 100% guaranteed.

Mia Adduci

Saige Batza
“Cutie Patootie Pie Head”
Saige is the sweetest soul you’ll ever meet. She holds the Charger Bulletin together with her kindness and is a definitive fan-favorite of the editorial staff. Saige speaks in lowercase; she could tell you you’re a worthless individual (which she never would) and you’d agree.

Antoinette Yen
“Doctor Dentist”
Antoinette is unfortunately leaving The Charger Bulletin to pursue dentistry in Boston next year. We will miss her so much and appreciate all of her entertaining articles in the paper and magazine, along with her perfectly poignant commentary.

Kiana White
“Sole Source of Income”
Kiana is a savvy businesswoman who is currently holding the Charger Bulletin together financially. While us editors make shit-posts and refer to our school as the “Unversity of New Haven,” Kiana is actually making a positive difference in this organization––and is the reasons we’re not completely broke.

Jada Clarke
“The CBN Big Cheese”
Jada’s dedication to CBN does not falter. She is someone who exemplifies the pursuit of perfection. She never settles for anything less and executes her job flawlessly, which is important because some of us haven’t learned how to do that yet. There is absolutely nothing bad to say about her.

Carl Giannelli
“Our MC”
Again, Carl is someone who actually does his job. He works at the university’s radio station and is just generally an icon. He’s in the celebrated indie rock band Kim Normal and is one of the most talented members of the Charger Bulletin staff.

Victoria Cagley
Victoria is the dictator of all of our social media activity for the Bulletin. If we don’t fill out the post calendar, she puts us in time out. Many of us are wondering (including Victoria herself), how we will survive without her. Ask her about her high school stories. You won’t regret it.

Lismarie Pabon
Lismarie is our resident photographer. She can always be heard wishing people a blessed day. For those of you interested in following her social media, Lismarie’s photography Instagram handle is @unorthodoxvisual.

Jacey Ferraro
“Actually Talented”
Jacey is the newest member of the Charger Bulletin staff and works as our graphic designer. She happily brings to life all our absurd and ludicrous ideas. Charlie’s Cabaret? Charger Pride going extinct? Charlie the Charger in a thong? All the credit goes to her.

Susan Campbell
“Supreme Overlord”
Need I say more?