Letter To The Editor: Response

The Charger Bulletin

In response to Letter to the Editor.


Thank you very much for responding, I enjoy getting feedback from people who read my column. Now please keep in mind that it is an opinionated column, not an “article” per se. This said, there is some entertainment value and I’m quite well known for my sarcasm and my exaggerations. However, I do believe that I did not take it out of context, as there is no context that it is in. I do agree that you need to be broad in certain aspects but that the point can be made a little better. I really was taken aback when I read the piece that said “any one for any reason.” It leaves room for misinterpretation, which is the point I was trying to make. While I’m not a policy writer, I do feel there are better ways to express this point. For example, “Our instructors reserve the right to refuse admittance while respecting the campus discrimination policies.” Or something such as “Our instructors reserve the right to refuse admittance on the premise of promoting safety and health while minimizing distraction and disturbance.” The way the words are written seem politically incorrect to me, and again it is my own opinion. I do feel, however, that it is a fair judgment. I greatly appreciate your feedback and I hope you realize that I’m not “targeting” any person or policy, but just trying to relate my observations and opinions. My main goal is to start dialogue on campus, hence my sometimes harsh assessments. Thank you for contacting me and feel free to contact me again in the future.

-Dan Osipovitch, The Charger Battery